What some teachers and librarians had to say:

"Thanks many times over for such a great visit. The kids were absolutely awed, and all of us felt the magic of playing with words. Thinking, writing, and laughing can all be connected." (Montessori school teacher, ME)

"The students enjoyed your presentations and I received a lot of positive feedback from both the students and the teachers. The media specialists who had the privilege of hearing your after-school presentation were very pleased. We appreciate your kindness in staying later in order to share your books and insight with us." (public middle school media specialist, NJ)

"I could have listened to him read poetry all morning, but I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing about him." (public librarian, PA)

"People here are full of praise for your knowledge, warmth, and ability to take on every age and situation with which we challenged you. I'll put the word out among my fellow librarians. . . .Thanks for a very fun day and loads of ideas to carry on with." (private middle school librarian, MA)

"Many parents have contacted me to say how excited their children were about your visit – evidently many of the children went home to create poetry with their families.  The rides home and bedtime discussions were filled with [talk of poems the kids wrote with you].  And the teachers enjoyed their lunch time visit as well.  Thanks so much for creating workshops that were fun and inspiring!" (private middle school administrator, MA)

"My students were completely engaged.  Paul motivated and inspired them to write poetry!" (public elementary school teacher, MA)