Some comments from students, mostly in grades 3-6:

"I liked meeting a famous poet and someone who published a book. I wrote a twenty four page story. Do you know how I could get it published?" (Ben)

"It was fun hearing from a pro writer." (Cam)

"The book Worlds Afire was very heavy. But I enjoyed it." (Madeleine)

"Overall, I wanted to say that your books inspired me; inspired me to write, inspired me to think and inspired me to have an epiphany on recent events." (Tyson)

"You teached our class a lot. At first I thought "O" great, more poems to write, but now I am more than happy to write one of your poems or short stories." (Ethan)

"Thank you very much for coming into my classroom. You made my day great." (Brian)

"Paul Janeczko is fun.
Paul Janeczko is done." (Beth, kindergarten)