Dont Forget to Fly

With this collection I began using an organizational structure of groups of three or four poems rather than the more traditional arrangement of a dozen poems or so in each thematic section of the book. Like Stardust otel, the title of this book had early readers and reviewers believing that the publisher had allowed a typographical error. So it was that many of them changed Dont to Don't in their articles, without realizing that the title was taken from a line in one of the poems in the collection and that was the way wanted to keep it.



The Buzz . . .


"...a wonderfully teen-enticing anthology . . . Recommended for young adult as well as junior high and high school collections."
— (starred review) ALA Booklist

"70 modern poets who "know the world by heeart" relay its pulse in a remarkably diverse and accomplished anthology."
— (starred review) School Library Journal

"Oh, wow! One of the finest collections of modern poetry for young adult enjoyment. There is something here for everyone."
— Voice of Youth Advocates