The Dark Game

I like to think of this book as a first cousin to my books on codes and ciphers because elements of cryptography often play a part in clandestine espionage operations. In addition to telling the stories of spies from the American Revolution through the end of the 20th century, The Dark Game contains about 40 illustrations that complement the exciting stories. And, for those who want to do more reading about spies, I’ve included a list of books related to the stories in my book.

The table of contents of the book and the introduction can be checked out here.

The Buzz . . .

A Junior Literary Guild Selection

“Janeczko delves into [spy] stories with delicious detail, drawing readers into a world of intrigue and danger . .  [He] manages to stay true to history while still keeping a lively tone. [And] primary-source photographs are interspersed throughout, lending an authentic feel to each section.”
— School Library Journal

A “fascinating series of profiles [that] relies mostly on Janeczko’s graceful, exciting storytelling to draw kids’ interest. [His] contagious enthusiasm for the spy world’s ‘tantalizing mysteries’ . . . makes a strong choice for both avid and reluctant readers alike.”
— Booklist

“Janeczko delves further into clandestine matters with an entertaining collection of spy work. The author touches upon all aspects of spy work—counter-intelligence, double agents, espionage, gadgets, sabotage, secret codes, surveillance and training—[providing] a wealth of information in an engaging package that should find an enthusiastic audience, particularly among middle schoolers.”
— Kirkus