Poetspeak: In Their Work, About Their Work

This anthology broke new ground for me and for poetry anthologies in general. Not only does it contain poems, it also includes brief prose pieces written specifically for this book by the poets whose work is included. Luckily, the idea was well received, and the book eventually made an appearance as a trade paperback. The success of this book helped me realize that a good anthology should break ground. It's always a risky to try something new, but I never saw any point in doing a collection that was "just another anthology."



The Buzz . . .


"A rich and inviting salmagundi of almost 160 peoms by 62 poets, who share some of their thoughts about their own work."
— ALA Booklist (starred review)

"Even those who don't like poetry will find a sympathetic bond with the authors represented, for most of the poems are based on the poets' experiences . . . Bait for teenagers."
School Library Journal (starred review)

"Will adolescents like it? One high school junior returned it to me and said it was the only poetry book he had ever read straight through from page one to the end."
— English Journal