Brickyard Summer

Published in 1989, this was my first book of poems. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I held the first copy and slowing turned the pages, grinning like a madman. Some vaguely autobiographical stuff in this one, but whenever I based a poem on something or someone in my past, I only used that as a starting point to write a new poem. One of the things that made this book successful was the appeal of the narrator, as well as the secondary characters. When I wrote my other poetry collections, I constantly reminded myself how important interesting characters were to appeal of a story


The Buzz . . .

ALA Best Book for Young Adults

"The style is direct and accessible for reading aloud. Janeczko . . . looks back with affection, but not with false nostalgia [in] poems of a small-town boyhood that celebrate family warmth, community, and friendship."
— Booklist

"Glints of humor and a good measure of compassion lighten this some times charming, always believable adolescent voice . . ."
— The Kirkus Reviews