How do you feel when you get a book rejected? Does that happen to you a lot?

I probably feel a lot like you’d feel if you had a book rejected: bummed, sometimes surprised, maybe a bit angry. But if you want to be a published writer, you have to expect your books to be rejected now and again. The important thing is what you do when your work is rejected. Hide in the corner and sulk? Or, move on with the project and send it to another publishers. As my experience grew, I got better at cutting the sulking to a minimum and sending the project to others. Actually, it’s my agent who sends my work to publishers.

I should say that most of the time I do not send completed books to editors. Rather, I usually send a detailed proposal and outline of the work that I would like to write. The point of the proposal is, of course, to convince an editor that she/he would be nuts not to immediately sign me to a contract. Once I sell a proposal, of course, then I need to get busy writing the book!

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