Sara Holbrook
Alan Wolff

There are few subjects that strike at the heart of teenagers more quickly and more sharply than love. Although there are shelves of love poems, Sara Holbrook and Allan Wolf are not afraid to tackle this rite a passage, from the glance that starts it all to the bittersweet conclusion. With tenderness, insight, and humor, these accomplished poets chronicle the relationship in a variety of poetic forms, from the traditional—sonnet, tanka, poem for two voices—to the more challenging forms of villanelle, terza rima, and luc bat (short Vietnamese form). If these wonderful poems were gift enough to a reader, the poets include a few pages of notes at the end of the book that explain the poetic forms they used in their collection.

In addition to collaborating on this book, these poets have something else in common: delightfully zany websites. So, the first chance you get, go to and and learn all about them and their books.


Credit line for cover: Jacket photograph by Steven B. Smith; graphic artwork by Sara Holbrook